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Featured In NY Fashion Week, CT Mom’s Clothes Are Designed To Make Women ‘feel Like They Matter”

Featured In NY Fashion Week, CT Mom's Clothes Are Designed To Make Women 'feel Like They Matter

RIGEFIELD resident Ashley Alt suffered from postpartum depression when she gave birth to her son seven years ago, whom she says she no longer cares for on her own.

According to her, it was precisely this depression that prompted her to launch her fashion brand, which aims to improve the mental health of women.

"I took off my big t-shirts and my boxers. I didn't do what I usually do, hair, make-up, dress, because that was my job (model and agency job)" , says Alt, married and mother of two children.

Launched in May, the Alt VALT clothing line is a luxury apparel brand grounded in positive mental health. Since then, VALT has featured twice at New York Fashion Week, with plans to introduce it to other US markets this year, including Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. Consisting primarily of silk and cotton coats and scarves, the brand can be purchased on Instagram @valtbrand or at valtshop.com.

"I want women to feel important and wear what they want, be who they want to be, say what they mean," she said.

"Run from the truth."

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