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Megan Thee Stallion’s Countersuit Against Label 1501 Certified Entertainment Moves Forward

Megan Thee Stallion's Countersuit Against Label 1501 Certified Entertainment Moves Forward

In the fourth quarter of this year, Megan You Stallion was showered with wins. Following her victory in the lawsuit against Tori Lanez, a judge in a separate case ruled Wednesday that her record company demanded her acclaimed album Something for Thee Hotties be treated as inferior to the album under her contract. It also means that rapper aka Megan Peet's million-dollar lawsuit against 1501 Certified Entertainment could go ahead.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the label initially asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit, citing previously received recordings and a clear decision that something that "doesn't qualify" couldn't be called a Hotties to You album. Appropriate approval procedures.

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Pete responded to the request on December 19, asking for an opportunity to challenge the case in court.

"The court must set a date to provide evidence and testimony that Pete did all that was required of her to deliver and release her albums," the statement read.

The recording shows that there are parodies and freestyles on the album, because some of them can be heard on YouTube, but they never made it to the general public.

"Any ambiguity regarding the word 'unpublished' should be left to the discretion of the jury," the newspapers said.

Pitt also said he began working with 300 Entertainment after acquiring the exclusive rights to produce, distribute and sell his work. It also shows that the company "caught 1501" before the album's release and gave 1501 references to the project. Within two months of the album's release, the record states that 1501 "didn't care".

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In August, Pete's complaint was amended to say that "For You Beautiful" and " Traumazina " were "albums" as stated in the parties' record deal, and therefore " he satisfied all terms of the option". He signed it. In the 2018 contract, he also changed the non-cash claim to $1 million in damages.

Relations between 1501 Certified and Megan Thee Stallion started to sour after she hired Roc Nation as her manager, according to documents reviewed by Rolling Stone. He soon discovered that everything in the 1501 contract was not up to industry standards.

“When I joined Roc Nation I had management, real management and real lawyers,” Pete said in a 2020 Twitter video.

Although Pete received a restraining order in 2020 and remained at 1501, he still needed to finish two albums to meet his contractual obligations. After that, the artist hopes to receive a full million to compensate for what she says are missing royalties for her music.

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