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What Is The BBCs Social Media Policy And What Does It Mean For Stars Like Lineker?

What Is The BBCs Social Media Policy And What Does It Mean For Stars Like Lineker?

Gary Lineker's tweets criticizing the government's proposed asylum law have sparked debate about the BBC's impartiality rules – what they say and who they have to report to.

What do the BBC guidelines say?

The BBC sets out its position on impartiality in section 4 of its editorial guidelines. The guidelines state that the company “strives to achieve appropriate impartiality in all its production. This commitment is essential to our reputation, our values ​​and public trust.

They went on to state that impartiality must be "appropriate and relevant to the outcome, taking into account the subject matter and nature of the content, the likely expectations of the audience and any cues that might influence those expectations".

They added that BBC production must always be consistent and impartial "by examining the argument, going against the consensus and holding the authorities to account".

The BBC also advises on "personal use of social media". The guide says: "Social media was an important tool for building the BBC and is widely used by people who work for the BBC in their personal lives."

The BBC said the guidelines were not intended to discourage the use of social media, but to ensure that everyone who works for the BBC uses it "respecting the BBC's values".

A key principle of the guidelines is that “everyone who works for the BBC is a representative of the organisation, both offline and online, including on social media; In both cases, the same standards apply to staff conduct.

He added: "Those who work for the BBC have a duty to ensure that the BBC's editorial decisions are not influenced by self-interest or bias."

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What did Lineker do?

Lineker was pulled from the BBC presentation after reacting on Twitter to a Home Office video in which Home Secretary Suella Braverman revealed government plans to prevent migrants and refugees from crossing the English Channel in small boats.

The former England striker wrote: “There was no mass influx. We accept far fewer refugees than other major European countries. This is simply a very cruel policy targeting the most vulnerable classes. in the 1930s".

Do BBC guidelines apply to Lineker?

Lineker is an independent BBC broadcaster, not a full-time employee, and is not responsible for news or political content. His comments on Twitter were made on his personal account, where his bio shows no official connection to the BBC or Match of the Day.

The BBC's guidelines state: "Everyone working for the BBC must ensure that their social media activity does not harm or damage the perception of impartiality and the BBC's reputation."

As well as current and former employees, the guidelines apply to "other persons who are not genuine journalists or broadcasters who have additional responsibilities to the BBC because of their profile within the BBC".

He says. "We expect these people to avoid focusing on political issues or political controversies and to be careful when dealing with public policy issues.

"The extent to which members, contributors or freelance presenters must adhere to editorial guidelines will be set out in the BBC's contractual relationship with them."

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